1. Since last six year we have sensitized to total 501024 people on human trafficking, through meeting, seminar, conference etc.
2. Total 3250 Adolescent girls organised through Balika groups (age group 12 – 18 yrs.). Total 1250 adolescent girls are trained on food processing, vermi composting, housekeeping, beautician course, Bamboo, wood crafts, tailoring & embroidery, IT etc.
3. Ashary Vihar (Protection & Rehabilitation Centre) established for vulnerable, trafficked victims, orphan children, adolescent girls and women from difficult circumstance and survivor groups unit started in Ranchi and Simdega District.
4. Restructure of the organisation through “Theory of Change” process and separate units established within organisation. The Management information system (MIS) are strengthen.
5. Improved food security to 500 farmers as direct beneficiaries. SHGs, youth and farmers clubs motivated to take up agriculture and allied sector, start income generation activities for livelihood promotion.
6. More than 5253 women organized through 350 self-help groups and involved in women empowerment process. Total 105 women aware about Legal awareness on women issues.
7. Identification of 2517 domestic workers and trafficked victims women and girls through survey and study in Jharkhand.
8. In 2014, the thematic Convergence project “Empowerment of Distress Women & Domestic workers through Convergence Model in 10 Panchayats of Simdega District” started with their socio – economic improvement total 5000 women and girls involved as direct beneficiaries. Out of 54188 total population. ( Male :26919 & Female:27269).
9. In 2013-14 the Research study completed on “Dynamics current Efforts and interventions opportunities for government and voluntary organization on Human Trafficking (Women & Child)” in Selected 5 States Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal of India.
10. Under the project Empowerment of tribal , total 9535 direct families, out of total 45013 population, 22332 male , 22561 female and 235 PWDS are covered.
11. Total 85 awareness programs organized at different places on Combat Human Trafficking, migration and livelihood promotion through convergence model.
12. Till date total 56 adolescent girls are rescued and rehabilitated within the community.
13. Total 160 women and girls trained on food processing, 65 of them are on leadership development training program, 45 youth trained on Entrepreneurship development program.
14. Total 850 children are involved under sponsorship program, they are united through 35 Children’s clubs and motivated for active participation to ensure their rights such as Right to survival, Right to protection, Right to participation, and Right to education.
15. Total 532 farmers trained on agriculture development and practiced rice production though SRI methods. Every year exposure visit organized for a group of 30 -45 beneficiaries to learn about agriculture practices and organizational development.
16. Indigenous model for Rural Development Based on Animal and Human Resources under RIF demonstrated in Ranchi and its Utilization as innovative project to promote rural technology for irrigation purpose.
17. Skill enhancement of approx. 418 youths through Capacity building program, vocational training and EDP training. Total 105 youth trained on Bamboo crafts, carpentry, tailoring & embroidery. Total 80 women and youth are involved on Collection of NFTP.
18. Develop good network and linkages with govt. and non govt. institution.Formation of FIGHT (Fight in global human Trafficking) network stand strongly with the collaborative efforts of 45 CBOs and other like minded people of five states of eastern India.