Ashray Vihar

“The future belongs to those who dream”


South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribals ‘Ashray’, which literally translates into shelter, is an abode that is positioned to provide care with love to the children who are neglected by the society, who were found without hope, without family. A group of dedicated individuals within the organization joined hands to set up South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribals ‘Ashray’, the children’s home, realizing the gravity of child-trafficking issue prevalent in Jharkhand.
Situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city, amidst sylvan surroundings in a village Shera, Namkum, Ranchi district; the children’s home is committed towards holistic development of children. We strive for ensuring that children have access to basic human needs such as shelter , education , counselling, health , food , parental care, medication.
With a modest start of housing 6 children, we now have 45 girl children within the premises. Over the years we have helped children from various problems to start and lead a good peaceful life. Bruised by the trauma, we first nurture and motivate a child towards a normal life. The next step is to spark a dream in the lives of children via education. Presently, the girls study at St. Joseph’s Middle and High School while the boys are being educated at Nirmala Middle School, Samlong and Assisi High School, Ranchi. Above all, we try to create a community of children who feel loved, nurtured and safe.
However, the challenges are profound. The institution receives little support from Government or international agencies.  It is running solely through the support of well-wishers, social workers, individual donors and businesses organizations. With a rise in the number of children, the demand for capacity building and food sourcing is also increasing. The pressure is immense. With increased financial support, we can also build more buildings to shelter more children, we can clothe and feed and provide for the educations of more children. We would like to care for more, finances permitting. We solicit your help in our mission. Would you like to join us do in any way, please feel free to email us at or write to us here. You can also donate by clicking above and help us in our purpose.
We look forward to your support to champion our cause and spread smiles on the faces of children.