Community Mobilization


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South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribal has an intensive outreach in the isolated and marginalized areas of Jharkhand. In the organization”s 17 years of experience in the social development field the organization has be able to penetrate, spread and tightly hold on to its command areas. This has been possible because of the skills to mobilize the community and actively involve them in community participation. The organization conducts Participatory Learning Action to assess problem and derive solutions. It has a strong documentation on PRA/PLA, Resource mapping, Land mapping for the grassroots level interventions. The organization has skilled and experienced community mobilizers, supervisors and documentation officers to operate in the focus areas and build the capacity building to manifest sustainability in the development of the organization.
The organization has the ability for mass mobilization and motivation to actively participate in campaigns, awareness drives, training sessions etc. This is because of the credibility and trust it has built in throughout the 16 years of its service in the development sector. The enthusiasm of the rural people is high with regards to the work of the organization hence the participation level is high.
Community mobilization remains the greatest challenge in the social development sector which the expert team of Ashray has the skills to tackle. The organization works with the rural as well as the urban poor people in its approach to bring a high social impact and therefore it has a mixed experience in dealing with the two groups, i.e. the urban and the rural poor of Jharkhand and the neighboring states. The SWOT analysis of these two populations and their behavioral assessment has been catered to in a flexible and researched way so as to bring maximum output from the mobilization. Therefore, researched and proven tools and techniques are utilized strategically to enhance the capabilities of both the populations.
The organization‟s major target groups are marginalized Women, adolescent girls and Children. Therefore, in dealing and catering to the various development needs and participatory noises that are specific to this group hailing from the marginalized community is best assessed by the organization. The working experience with this specific group shall be best utilized in the present project to deliver quality
The organization has the availability of skilled and experienced staffs that will be able to give the best results and work in compliance with the objectives of the project and according shape the strategies and deliverables. The understanding and working culture of our organization is reflective in the vision, mission and motto which the team of Ashray upholds and gives priority.
The organization has evolved in its internal monitoring and evaluation and has designed tools for its internal M& E which it follows to give quality result. Our Tools:
  • Vulnerability Tracking Matrix
  • Performance Tracking Matrix
  • Income Tracking Matrix
  • Individual Interest and Potential Plan
  • Individual Career Care Plan etc.