FIGHT Consortium is a collaboration of 45 organizations, led by South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribal (SVWST), serving all survivors in five states of Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. SVWST will coordinate and provide quality, trauma-informed services to survivors of human trafficking and their family members.
FIGHTS is committed to the promotion of the rights of women and children and have been in the fore front of the battle against the trafficking of women and children in five states of East India.
FIGHT direct activities for trafficked persons include programmes for the withdrawal & rescue of trafficked children and their reintegration and or reunion with parents/ guardians. Other provisions are formal education, basic learning and skills acquisition, legal and medical assistance.
Legal cell will be formed for taking support for distress and trafficked women case. Scope for inclusion of former judges from Supreme Court and High court in it and likeminded Advocates, social workers, media, professional etc.
Why is FIGHT
To prevent the unlawful and immoral trafficking of women and children by combating the various socio-economic factors responsible for the practice.
To help create a mass movement against trafficking and to organize the victims into a strong and vocal group to fight against exploitation.
To prevent and rescue women and children forced into prostitution and help to integrate them back into the mainstream through rehabilitation and empowerment.
To eradicate the social stigma attached to rehabilitated sex workers and their children through outreach and awareness programs.
To combat child labour and domestic slavery, which are major contributors to sex trafficking of minor.
To expose human rights violations against women and children in all sections of society and provide support to the victims.