Dear All,

Warm Greetings!

There is no greater joy than bringing a SMILE on the face of HUMANITY”

Every day brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. An individual with a positive frame of mind is not bogged down by the challenges but looks for opportunities to counter them. Year 2016-17 has been a year of significant highs, and considerable lows. Yet, I am thankful to all the members of my organization who have stood beside me and worked relentlessly towards our vision of “Empowerment of women for the Welfare of Society.”

Our aim has always been to generate a spark in every individuals mind, so that we can work towards the upliftment of the oppressed and welfare of the Society in general. Its, only by sincere efforts, we can bring about a positive change in the society. So, buckle up my friends, well-wishers and members of ASHRAY, for the coming years will pose more challenges and provide greater opportunities to scale new heights.  

I, would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all the funding agencies, individual supporters, families, friends, well-wishers for their generous contribution and hope to conquer new territories in the years to come.

Looking forward to a fruitful year ahead.


Mantosh Kumar